The End

It is with great regret that I announce I will officially no longer be updating The Commodified.

The Commodified was as tribute to the city I live in and love, Vancouver. This blog has acted as an outlet for me to express my enthusiasm for the changes I have wanted to see in Vancouver. And in the two years I have been documenting street style here, these changes have occurred. Each day, with my eye on the street, my belief that Vancouver is world-class city worthy of note in the realms of fashion and style, has been reaffirmed. New boutiques opening all over town; local designers, stylists, and photographers getting the recognition they deserve; people on the street feeling inspired to 'get dressed' without need of a reason (and I say that in contrast to the idea of simply 'putting on clothes').

That being said, many people have come to learn that it was not the fashion of Vancouver that intrigued me most, but rather the people. We are blessed with such a wonderful community of like-minded individuals: those people who are shaping this city with positive attitude alone and calling on the world to spectate. Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, myspace comments and facebook messages to express the inspiration you have felt from my writing or photography. You embody everything which I have mentioned above.

Although this is perhaps the end of The Commodified, this is not the end of my devotion to Vancouver. I am excited about the new projects I have on the horizon, one of which of course being my new FASHION Magazine blog, Zeitgeist!. Nor is this the end of street style in Vancouver. It is my greatest hope that a new blog will pick up where I have left off. And to whoever is passionate enough to embark on such an endeavour, I would be more than happy to pass you any advice you may be seeking.

I will continue to check my email periodically, as I am always interested in hearing from those people who have shared in my experience with The Commodified. And, I am eager to continue learning about the exciting things going on in the city. I can be reached at thecommodified@gmail.com if you would like to communicate.

Thank you once again, and all the best!