got the eye?

This summer i'm going to be staying for a month in each of singapore and montreal, and i'm looking forward to bringing the street style of those cities to vancouver. but this site is ultimately vancouvercentric, and i'm hoping to find an enthusiastic photographer or two to hold down the fort while i'm gone -- and longer!

so if you think you've got an eye for style and are interested in roaming the streets of vancouver searching for the city's fashionistas, you could contribute to the commodified! but keep in mind that it should be a hobby for you as well! something to supplement your everyday activities.

send me an email, and we can hash out the details; see if you're the right fit for the commodified.


portobello west

on the last sunday of every month, the rocky mountaineer train station turns itself into a one-of-a-kind fashion market called portobello west, where local designers and craftspeople come together to celebrate eachother's works.

i think this girl epitomizes the vancouver look -- on the safe side, but a cute and down-to-earth outfit nonetheless.


early morning

this morning was one of the first days i've ever been satisfied with public transportation in vancouver. my bus actually got me downtown for work 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, which as any vancouverite will know, is unprecedented, especially for translink. and if that wasn't a blessing enough, i also happened upon this stylish young man!


re: friday night - half alive

photo by michelle ford

in response to my previous post friday night - half alive a reader asked "why only photograph one person in the whole place?". And this is a good question!

the truth is, i'm trying to avoid the commodified from becoming party scene photo site. from time to time, i will still go party in the "scene" (a guy's gotta socialise!), and capture a few outfits that happen to catch my eye... but i'll try to keep a street style focus. I'm sure you can appreciate that.

If you are interested in seeing what other people wore that night, you can always peruse the half alive website, and clicking photos! enjoy -- its the one called bootyshake contest!


globe and mail press citing

a globe and mail interview with yvan rodic of the facehunter, sonja andic of toronto street fashion, me (the commodified), and jason morikawa of holt renfrew.

rainy day woman

friday night - half alive

half alive takes place every friday night at the columbia.


globe and mail

if you happen to stmble upon a copy of the globe and mail on saturday, be sure to check out the style section. there will be an article all about street style blogs with a canadian perspective and the commodified will be getting a mention.



you can't really get more "vancouver" than starbucks

because i only take pictures of my friends, here is a picture of one of my best pals, Howard Schultz.

okay. enough with being facetious... last week starbucks celebrated 20 years in vancouver with coffee fest. howard came up from seattle to pay homage to the city that marked starbucks' first foray into the international market.

love him or hate him, he did make vancouver's official accessory-of-choice the white and green cup.

speaking of business... let's get down to it. don't you love his trench? I couldn't read the label on the collar, but it looked like the kind that you could only have if you were 840th on forbes' billionaire list!


prepared for glory

one of the attendees of the advance screening of 300 at the paramount theatre, monday night.



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