carrall & cordova

despite the masks, these weren't halloween costumes.


guess who's back!

i found my camera! it was at translink lost and found! there ARE good people out there!


for the time being

here is the latest picture, as promised. i still haven't found my camera, but i've narrowed it down to about a 20 hour time period in which i lost it. so, it could be in one of four places.

1) at home (x)
2) at work (x)
3) on the skytrain ( )
4) on the bus ( )

i still have hope that it is at home or at work, but chances are it slipped out of my bag on the bus or skytrain. although, i'm finding even that hard to believe. this really is driving me crazy!


lost and not found

the commodified will be going on a temporary hiatus, as i have foolishly misplaced my camera. i'm sure its around somewhere, i just dont know where that is... anyway, there will be one more picture to come, but it was taken on someone else's camera, and i'm just waiting to have it sent my way.

thanks for your patience while i sort things out!


vice or virtue?

this saturday was the vice magazine party at beat street records, on hastings street downtown. the downstairs venue was really small, the hallways were narrow, and the party was pretty crowded, so i appologize for those pictures that illustrate this (it was often difficult to find space to get a good shot of people entire outfits).

and ps.