Vancouver - Christmas Dinner

This is a picture of my mom, standing in front of the garage, in her "The Commodified -inspired" christmas dinner outfit.



VANCOUVER - Ruffles Presents... Crystal Clear, 455 Abbott Street

Ruffles Presents is one of those blogs that you discover and love but just can't really explain why. Maybe its because you aren't really sure what it's about... or perhaps, in some strange and fantastic way it reveals your innermost desires.

Ruffles hosted their first party on thursday night, set to the tune of Swedish pop and cosmic disco. All I really remember was a jungle tune that made me twist and shake.


More Videos

Right now I'm really interested in the way the fashion industry is represented in film. Here are some movie clips i thought might keep you entertained.





CBC Video Online

If you didn't get a chance to catch the segment about The Commodified on CBC's Living Vancouver this afternoon, you can click the this link to watch it online!


CBC Living Vancouver - December 10 at 1pm

The Commodified will be featured on CBC's television program Living Vancouver on Monday, December 10th, at 1pm. Try to tune in, but if you can't I'll also post the video or a link to the video once it's aired.