MONTREAL - Rue Prince-Arthur Est

there is something a bit clinical about her look. I don't know if its the bike lock around her neck that looks like a stethoscope, or if its the way she's showing us her tattoo. either way, its kinda sexy.

ps. sorry for jumping in front of your bike. i didn't mean to startle you.

MONTREAL - Rue Saint Laurent

MONTREAL - Rue Sainte Catherine


MONTREAL - Korova, Rue Saint Laurent

MONTREAL - Rue Ontario

Today I met up with Izzy and David-Alexandre of Montreal's street style blog, MTL Street. They showed me to the "friperies" (thrift stores) in the Hochelaga/Pie-IX area, and advised me of other great "quartiers" (neighbourhoods) to visit.... meaning, more great pictures to come over the next 3 weeks.



if you can't tell, shirt dresses are one of my favourite things on women.


VANCOUVER - Chulo Pony Sample Sale

REED SAYS: "I love the sophisticated look this girl has going on. She's currently working for Chulo Pony and apparently takes a lot of gentle ribbings from the other employees. Looking like this is the perfect revenge."


That being said, I just took a look at some recent party pictures from Vancouver. And people of Vancouver, I'm serious, stop wearing hoodies. Please. If it's not winter, it's not necessary.


MONTREAL - Chromeo, Club 1234

MONTREAL - Rue Mont Royal, Le Plateau

MONTREAL - Université de Montréal

this is just a reminder to everyone that you can still wear black leggings and look totally cute.


new 'locations' feature

i've now added labels for each of the cities i've visited, dating back to 06/02/07, so if ever you want to take a walk down memory lane and see all the pictures from a previous locale, you can check out the right side module under 'locations'.

ps. my sincerest apologies to all mac users, in the event that the site layout looks trashy on your screen... i realize i should probably clean up my code.

MONTREAL - Square Saint-Louis

approaching people in french is scary and broken - but this guy was cool about it. so cool that everyone's looking on and saying "damn he's fine"... or something similar in french.


MONTREAL - Cote des Neiges

This is the first of many posts that will come from the beautiful city of Montreal. I'll be here for the next five weeks, and hope to bring you many great french-canadian fashions. Thank you for your patience over the last week, as I safely traveled from Singapore to here, stopping briefly in Vancouver to recover from jet lag.


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VANCOUVER - Posh & Becks