the commodified world tour

tomorrow, i'm leaving for south-east asia, and i'm taking the commodified with me! here is my summer itinerary...

05/29 - 06/30 : bangkok and singapore
07/01 - 07/08 : vancouver
07/09 - 08/11 : monteal, and possibly ottawa and quebec city as well

at the end of the summer, travis also has some tentative plans to hit up amsterdam and some other european destinations, which means the commodified is will be expanding it's scope internationally. but vancouverites, don't worry, your style will still be represented as dani and reed hold down the fort here in vancouver.

while i'm away, posts will be just as abundant but updates will come slightly less frequently.


royal unicorn cabaret - the makeout's gangster ball

some more contributor trivia: dani is also a dj at the royal unicorn cabaret. on wednesday nights, dani and her counterpart hana host the makeout and this past wednesday, the theme was a gangster ball. her street style pictures are below, but if you'd like to see some party pictures, you can also click here.



ctv.ca - same story, different picture

woah. check me out.

Flu Moda - Stilul in Vancouver

I also forgot to mention that an online women's magazine in Romania, called Flu has posted some of my images on their website. It's a nice little review of the best of women's fashion in Vancouver. The text is in Romanian, but here is a rough translation:

Yet another city on our style map of the world, and not just any city but a gorgeus cosmopolitan Canadian metropolis. People seem very into fashion in Vancouver, and always seem to have on their best look. Both men and women have a great advantage there: a double heritage of fashion sense and style, which are strong and complement eachother. The Canadian seventh sense in aesthetics is a composite of both European and North American garment history. The photographs speak for themselves!

Take a visit.

The Canadian Press

the canadian press put out a story about canadian street style bloggers on their newswire, and the waterloo record was the first to pick it up. read all about it.


50% off day at value village

whether you did or didn't go to a value village today, you are crazy. you're crazy to have missed the sale, but you're also crazy to have braved it.

i spent about forty five minutes amongst the chaos and came out in good shape. i bought a belted safari shirt (with tags on), a nutty-brown pair of ankle boots (italian leather), and a navy & white polka dot short sleeve dress shirt, which cost me $18 total.

how'd you do?

skinny building, where water and cordova meet

this guy is rocking my classic casual look... i love shirts buttoned all the way up.



back in december of last year, i took a picture of a guy who goes by the name of basco5. he gave me his card, and i learned that he was a fairly well recognized street artist in vancouver. he and i have been keeping in touch since then, and we came up with a clever little idea for a collaboration. this is the first of three installments. see the original post.

lark + jorg&olif housewarming party

lark clothing just reopened on main street, in a sleek brand new space, shared with jorg&olif bicycles. drop by 2315 main street to pay them a visit!


where are you now?

after taking his picture, i offered him a card so he could visit the site later, and feel confirmation knowing i'm legitimate. oh! but it wasn't necessary... instead of taking the card, he said "it's okay. i know it already!" and i said "the commodified?" and he agreed. i kinda felt a bit famous, for a moment there, but then he told me that i had already taken his picture once before... i, however, could not remember him for the life of me. i like to pride myself on having made a connection with everyone i photograph, but seriously, when he told me i took his picture in metrotown, i was plagued all day as to who he was.

after searching my archives thoroughly, i finally found him way way way back in august 2006, the birth month of my blog. the first picture is superimposed above, but here is the original post. needless to say, he's undergone a major transformation.

seriously, this guy is my style hero. note the boots.

around downtown again


rock and roll fashion

the guy in the first picture belongs to vancouver band, the good news.

vintage dior

welcome reed, who comes to the vancouver street style community from toronto.


REED SAYS: "this one's all about the vintage christian dior sunglasses. so much hotter than the ugly plastic glasses they are producing these days..."

walking home

TRAVIS SAYS: "i was walking home after diner and i saw a girl sitting on her bike. she was about a half block up but didn't move until I saw her. i asked her what she was doing and she just looked at me and said, 'being excessively awesome'."


around downtown

i spent most of yesterday shopping around downtown with my sister and her friend, and at 6pm when we split ways i was proud of my self for conquering my desire to shop, not having bought a thing.

then, randomly on water street, i strangely and simultaneously ran into travis and dani. that's when they and plus a random japanese guy peer pressured me into buying a ridiculous, albeit awesome, pair of pants from dutil (where the girl in pic 2 works).

here's how it went.

travis: oh my god craig. i just tried on the most incredible pair of pants at dutil, but they looked awful on me. you haaaave to try them.
craig: okay. i'll humour you.

minutes later...

dani: craig, you have to buy those, just so i can hang out with you when you're wearing them.
travis: seriously.
craig: oh guys... I don't know...
girl pictured above: okay. those look awesome. and if you don't buy them, this guy here is going to.
super cool japanese guy: nods
craig: okay fine...

i just couldn't let him win. how do you justify your unnecessary purchases?



apparently i wasn't the first to get to her. she appeared in hello magazine last week, as well.

outside jd's

if i didn't mention, travis works at jd's barbershop in gastown. he's a really good stylist. if you are unhappy with your current stylist, and are thinking of venturing elsewhere, than consider seeing travis. at least you know you won't have long awkward silences in the chair, because you can talk about the commodified with him. and if you are a guy, he can also shave your face.


TRAVIS SAYS: "this guy was so humble and confident. i really enjoyed meeting him. he seems like the kind of guy who has really nice pajamas and manicures his nails, but who could also totally rebuild an engine and hold his own in a battle royale."


new links

i just wanted to point out that i've added two new links to the 'vancouver favourites' section on the right. i highly recommend StyleFinder and The Style Spy.

grandview park

dress from mintage, altered. she said i had a really good eye, because i spotted her from really really far away. like almost across the street far.

i'm seriously in love with commercial drive, right now. tell me not to go back again tomorrow.


discollection: in memoriam

TRAVIS SAYS: "her name is kim and she is the owner of this great little vintage store on hastings called discollection. the pieces are custom or reworked or original vintage. I've been there many times and found so many of my favorite vintage pieces, including craig's birthday present... out of all the places i've shopped, i've never met anyone so helpful and friendly."


it's true. the scarf travis gave me for my birthday is rad. the sad thing is that discollection recently sold off the last of it's merchandise.

"due to a number of problems in the building that discollection is housed in, discollection is forced to close its doors." - discollection.ca.

but don't worry though, they are still operating on-line, to an extent.

commercial drive collaborative

commercial drive is about community, and where better for Dani and I to collaborate? but more importantly, commercial drive is about character, and it certainly didn't fall short today.


one of a few, gastown

NAME: Leah
OCCUPATION: Muse to Joshua Baydala
WEARS: Marc Jacobs coat, J Brand jeans, boots from Japan and hooded scarf by MONO (local designer).

NAME: Sanaz
OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer
WEARS: Vintage sweater, pants from an asian mall, Reebok shoes from the internet

NAME: Yuka
WEARS: Mini plaid vest poking out from behind her sweater. Click the image to enlarge.

NAME: Hannah
OCCUPATION: Student, Cafe Waitress, and sexy Piano Teacher
WEARS: Built by Wendy top, Fillipa K shorts, invisible shoes

Kings of Leon show, Seattle WA

first post with pictures by Dani.


NAME: Jared
OCCUPATION: Bassist, Kings of Leon
WEARS: Dior Homme jacket ($2100); J.Lindenberg shirt ($250); Ksubi pants ($300); Dior Homme boots ($500)

DANI SAYS: "Everything he is wearing is name brand, he made a huuuge point of letting me know by stating the prices of everything. According to him, 'People who read [The Commodified] wont be able to afford any of this.' Jared also shared with me his hate for ugly musicians, stating: 'I only listen to music made by attractive people, you know?' No Jared, we don't know."


main & union

travis says: "seriously, could he be any cuter? it's like eddie vedder and diane keaton (circa annie hall) had sexy emo babies that ruined all my chances of scoring that night."

teen love

this picture is less about style, and more about lifestyle. caught these young lovers sitting in a park, taking full advantage of a once familiar weather...

abbot street

travis says: "fedora and fresh sneakers... someone had a bowl of ballzy this morning."


jd's barbershop 2 year anniversary

this is the first time i've posted pictures from a contributor. you'll notice that on the right side module is a list of people who are contributing to the site. you can click their names to see all the posts for which they've been tagged as the contributor. congrats travis on being the first, and the funniest.


travis says:"she made me want to make a time machine so i could go back and have sex with all my hot elementary school teachers."

travis says:"i know this is an obvious american apparel friends and workers pic but i don't care. They're nice. They're hot. And their tears feed unicorns. Hey, fill in the blanks everyone! ANON: i think this reeks like ______, i have a vendetta against american apparel because __________."