columbia revisited

this blog was conceived in august 2006, and it's been longer than that since i last went to the columbia. and although the columbia would seem like a regular stop for spotting street fashion, this is the first time it has been featured.


this week in WE

available today. pick up a copy.


year of the boar style

this is the first and last time I will ever creep on people and take pictures of them from afar, but chinatown was so insanely busy today that trying to cross the street to ask them if i could take their picture probably would have resulted in a near-death experience.

gastown saturday


robson & granville

I was trying to come up with a clever and catchy title for this post, but all i could think of was to try and combine the two street names... what did i get? robville... or gran(d)son... either way, not catchy in the least.

Regardless, I've always thought of Robson and Granville as sort of the hub of Vancouver. It doesn't really matter who you are, you've probably set foot on this street corner countless times. The reason I crossed it today, was because I had been downtown for an interview with the WE. They are writing a feature article about the commodified for their 'Best of Vancouver' issue. Make sure you pick up a copy next Thursday (Feb 22).

As for today's pics, pretend you're me for a sec. you're walking down the street, and what catches your eye? nothing other than a flashy pink tie! i'm not gonna lie, it totally made my day.


the commodified official soundtrack

most of the time, in my opinion, good style is all about confidence. so next time you think your outfit is a bit too extravagent, listen to this song and surely you'll find the courage to brave the world. you look good when you wear it well.

felix da housecat - wear it well

*edit: link fixed



i ♥ vancouver.