victorian visitor, east 8th

a taste of victoria in vancouver.


komakino guerilla store v.3

a few pictures taken have not been used, because the venue was dark and the pictures turned out blurry or overexposed.

thunderheist warehouse party, commercial & pandora


richman, bc

i'm more of an east-suburb kinda guy, if i have to choose any. you know, burnaby, coquitlam. if i'm ever found outside downtown, those are my stomping grounds. today, though, i decided to go somewhere i've never been before. richmond. well, apart from the airport, that is. i've never even been to the night market before! but over the last few years, i've heard lots of talk about how great richmond is for cheap imports, and i wanted to see for myself. so i headed out to the acclaimed aberdeen centre.

apart from getting lost on the way there, here is where i went wrong: expecting cheap imports at aberdeen centre. okay, that's not entirely true. i'll explain.

yes, aberdeen centre is the home of daiso, which is 2 floors of cute things you probably don't need but will probably buy anyways: stationary and housewear mostly, but also some accessories and makeup too. and for those of you who don't already know, i should probably also mention that everything in the store is $2. so that's cheap finds #1.

cheap finds #2 is the foodcourt. pretty much, the food is inexpensive and delicious. although, if cantonese is not a language you read or speak, you may have to just point and hope for the best.

but if the point of your trip was to find a new outfit for a reasonable price, you might be disappointed, especially if you are a guy. there really aren't any decent stores for guys. for girls, you'll have to hunt through a lot of crap on the sales racks to find a worthwhile deal. nevertheless, make the trip out to aberdeen to browse designer clothes you may or may not afford, depending on your financial status and/or will power. its way more fun and interesting to see what the store owners of these little asian boutiques have picked out of vivienne westwood and anna sui's collections, than to see the choices of holt renfrew's buyers.

lastly, i thought i'd be able to find one of those magazines from hong kong with all the stills from the last season's fashion shows -- you know, like collezioni, but cheaper. i didn't find any, but that's probably because i'm an idiot, and none of the new ones would be published yet. regardless, if you do want a copy of collezioni, you can go to chapters on robson, or sophia books on hastings. but, you can also find fruits magazine at sophia books, so i suggest the latter.


effortless style

this young lady was caught outside tim horton's on burrard street on thursday night, as i was on my way in for an addictive english toffee coffee. starbucks? cafe artigiano? what?

the thing i loved most about her outfit was the careless curls, puffed sleeved trench, and kitten heels. but especially the heels. she mixes and matches the muted colours so effortlessly, but the touch of magenta on her shoe adds a daring accent.

i think what immediately caught my eye about this one was that she reminded me of a friend, the hair and face especially. but what makes this outfit commodified-worthy is the effortlessness with which it seems to be put together. One of the problems with vancouver's style, in my opinion, is that we tend to leave out the latter half of "hobo-chic", and all just end up looking homeless. Its much nicer when your outfit gives off a careless vibe, but you still look pulled together. there is still that touch of class. I think she above, does so wonderfully.

secondly, a note on slouchy boots. see these? these ox-bloods are the real deal. not some 80s knock-off from aldo, with every crinkle masterfully planned. speaking of which, walking down the north side of robson street makes me sick. its like the auto-mall of aldo shoes. have you ever gone in to each one, and noticed that they ALL sell the exact same shoes and accessories. if it wasn't for the signs outside, i would swear that there was 12 of the same store on the strip.

in today: the male beret

this picture is from thursday morning, at around 8:30am down on Pender Street. Obviously, this kind man was on his way to work. I don't know what his profession is, but by his outfit, I would assume poet. When I told him the picture would be for a street fashion photo blog, he asked me for the link so he could get his kids to check it out. i can just imagine him giving his kids my little card, and saying "see kids, you're dad IS a cool guy" and they would roll their eyes. but little do they know that their dad is a fashion maven.

in fact, i'm seeing more and more men wearing berets. maybe its because i've never really been so attentive of what people are wearing, as i am now. Nevertheless, on thursday, he was the first of three male beret's i saw. I think the beret is definitely a hard item for a guy to pull off, it can just as easily look totally wrong, as it does looking totally right in this picture. i definitely think though, that the male beret should be kept for the mature man, because it gives a sense of wisdom or creativity that no twenty-something could ever live up to.


less talk more action, i agree

normally people are quite receptive to me, when i approach them. yesterday though, i had a bit of a different experience. i was walking near commercial drive station, and i spotted this very cute, very young couple. after i told them that i loved their outfits, and asked them if i could take their picture, they looked at eachother, said nothing, and bolted! All of a sudden they were gone. It was as if they had it planned all along. They ran away from me!

In hindsight, i really wish i had gotten a picture of them running. It truly was hilarious.


beyond robson

check out the new link in the press section on the right side column. a link to the interview i had with julia of beyond robson, is available.

I have to appologize for the lack of posts recently. I've been in hibernation a bit, and have been spending more time in a dark cold corner of my house doing admin work for the site, than actually going out and hitting the streets. That being said, I'm making good progress finding contributors to help me out.

I've got a picture on my camera from yesterday that i still have to upload, so there is lots to look forward to!