street clash

the commodified is going to be competing in street clash and i'm looking for your suggestions as to which pic from 2007 you'd like to see me start competing with.

SINGAPORE - Orchard Road frills

my singaporean friends wanted me to add a disclaimer that these two are not an accurate representation of singapore. and i attest to you it's true. but really, when have street style blogs ever accurately represented their home cities? we prowl the streets, picking through the masses with a fine toothed comb, looking for something special. its not necessarily always that someone is "fashionable". in fact, the most fashionable people are sometimes the least exciting.

its ironic that i found these two within a mere few hours of eachother, considering how rare it is to see anyone "outside the norm" in singapore. Although this is surely seen as a bit over-the-top by both vancouverites and singaporeans alike, if the trend has made its way from tokyo to singapore, i wouldn't be surprised if some element of their outfits will make its way to the shelves worldwide, even if it is just the knee-high socks.


SINGAPORE - Far East Plaza

the trouble with street style and general singapore fashion is that everyone here is well dressed but no one really stands out. i was relieved to have found this girl. she stands out.

SINGAPORE - Orchard Road

VANCOUVER - West of Denman

VANCOUVER - Powell Street

100th Post!


reed says: "i think they are father and son."

VANCOUVER - An average Travis night

travis says: "i saw her standing on this stool i asked her what was she doing and she told me she was testing The Reissner-Nordström solution, in which the central object has an electrical charge. For charges with a geometrized length which are less than the geometrized length of the mass of the object, this solution produces black holes with two event horizons... she lost me at stool."

travis says: "girls who look french make me embarrased of my culture. if i woke up next to her i'd high five god"

travis says: "he's like an awesome t-shirt: the one you store away for a couple of years and bring out for that party NOBODY will ever forget!"

travis says: "this is the kind of girl that when i'm old, rich and famous i'll pay to hang around me so that i wont cry myslef aseep every night."


VANCOUVER - Walking to the Pub

travis says: "look closely in picture 2 and there is a helicopter in the background."

VANCOUVER - Rock and Roll Groupie Fever

travis says: "i wish this guy was my dad. believe it or not, he made me take 4 pictures to get the best angle of him."

travis says: "androgyny, with a pinch of 'this is the girl i want to marry' and a dash of 'i will never be good enough'."

travis says: "there's something sexy about girls who wear heels and could totally kick my ass."

travis says: "a straight allen cumming."


BANGKOK - Suan Lum Night Market

unfortunately, that's it for thailand!

BANGKOK - The Emporium

these guys helped me discover an incredible thai men's and women's line called playhound by greyhound. unfortunately, nothing really fit me that great.