forever plaid

these photographs don't do justice to the bravery this fine young man has, to mix a plaid fedora with a houndstooth blazer. and although i myself am a fan of the slim fit, i find it refreshing to see someone go with an oversized look. reminiscent of the zoot suit?


joanna newsom fan club

seen in line at the joanna newsom concert, tuesday night. and if you aren't aware of joanna newsom and her personal style, then i highly suggest you do a google image search. adorable.


feedback and requests

it has come to my attention that an anonymous blogger is unsatisfied with the commodified, and has asked me to enlighten my readers as to what i'm going to bring to the table and it occured to me that i haven't yet set out to state exactly what my purpose is with this blog. So, i think i'll take the opportunity to do that now.

We live in a society which is cluttered by corporate messages that have taught us to communicate our identities through the conspicuous consumption of commodities. That is, we tell stories about who we are through the things that we buy. We've learned to construct our identities with tools the market has given us: clothing, brand names, foods, you name it. The purpose of the commodified is not to impose one particular judgment as to what is "stylish," "trendy" or "fashionable" on anyone in vancouver or the world, but rather to identify those people who have found ways to use the momentum of our consumer culture to say what is different or unique about themselves given the milieu in which they exist. For example, what is unique on Robson Street, is far different from that on Main Street, or even in a Suburb. The geographic and cultural contexts in which people (co)exist are inevitably influential in determining their disposition towards "fashion" and our society and also towards themselves.

I'm not advocating we comply to the corporate agenda and engage in a mass consumption of goods. But, I do feel it is important to acknowledge that this is the foundation of contemporary western society, and regardless of whether we want to or not, this is how we live. I feel as though we have become active as consumers in our society, but complacent as citizens, as we often neglect to question the fabric (excuse the pun) of our way of life. Thus, I encourage people to engage themselves in this discourse, even if their only means to express themselves are through their dress.

Normally, I try to refrain from responding to comments, but if I have illicited any kind of response from the individuals reading this post, then I encourage you to please articulate your opinions; I will gladly respond. And don't be afraid to indentify who you are, even with just a name. You are fully entitled to disagree and if you feel strongly, then you should be empowered to take ownership of your opinions.


i've been asked to become a part of a very interesting international fashion blog community, which i'm really excited about. www.coutorture.com.


beyond robson?

so in the spirit of camaraderie, i thought it would be fun to spend the 10 spare minutes I had today downtown to prove that you don't necessarily have to go beyond robson.


click click match match

unfortunately no pics this weekend, but irregardless* regardless, it seems like this little hobby of mine is attracting a fair bit of presssss. check out my fav street mag only's mention of the commodified, which in turn caught the eye of beyond robson.

i am an advocate of good grammar.


carrall & cordova

despite the masks, these weren't halloween costumes.


guess who's back!

i found my camera! it was at translink lost and found! there ARE good people out there!


for the time being

here is the latest picture, as promised. i still haven't found my camera, but i've narrowed it down to about a 20 hour time period in which i lost it. so, it could be in one of four places.

1) at home (x)
2) at work (x)
3) on the skytrain ( )
4) on the bus ( )

i still have hope that it is at home or at work, but chances are it slipped out of my bag on the bus or skytrain. although, i'm finding even that hard to believe. this really is driving me crazy!


lost and not found

the commodified will be going on a temporary hiatus, as i have foolishly misplaced my camera. i'm sure its around somewhere, i just dont know where that is... anyway, there will be one more picture to come, but it was taken on someone else's camera, and i'm just waiting to have it sent my way.

thanks for your patience while i sort things out!


vice or virtue?

this saturday was the vice magazine party at beat street records, on hastings street downtown. the downstairs venue was really small, the hallways were narrow, and the party was pretty crowded, so i appologize for those pictures that illustrate this (it was often difficult to find space to get a good shot of people entire outfits).

and ps.



bizarre night

didnt get as many pics as i hoped i would, this weekend. bummer.


gassy jack says plastic bags are cool

apparently, plastic bags are the must have accessory this fall. that and ferrets. today i saw a man carrying a ferret.

ps. new feature! now you can get up close and intimate with all of your favourite commodifieds. try clicking the images for a larger view!


limerick junction style

that giraffe broach was too hard to resist!