European Connections

The pictures I took for Modette are finally available online, by clicking here. Something to look at while I lazily neglect this blog. Even my own mother is complaining that I don't post often enough. Hopefully I'll run into some stylish Vancouverites over the coming days. If not, Dani will be bringing back some street style snaps from her recent travels in Paris!


VANCOUVER - Robson Street

I'm back in Vancouver now. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of posting. Here I go with some important news items, first.


August marks the one year anniversary for The Commodified! Some kind of celebration for this milestone will hopefully be underway within the next month.


Exclusive photos provided by The Commodified appeared in the August issue of Modette Magazine (Sweden). Only six were published, but all ten should be available soon enough by clicking the above link.


The Commodified was to be in competition against Odessa on StreetClash this week. For some unknown reason Odessa dropped out, so Vancouver has moved on to the next round by acclamation alone! Hoorah!


For some time now, I've also been wanting to announce that Aryana Sye would be joining the team as a contributing photographer. I quite randomly bumped into her on Robson Street today, and am pleased to introduce her now by picturing her here, looking chic as ever:


MONTREAL - "Bones of Paris" Art Opening, Atelier Woodenapples

This is a photo of Vancouver artist, Gabrielle Parizeau, sporting a revolutionary-inspired outfit. Her art is currently being shown at Atelier Woodenapples on Parc Ave, Montréal. I realise the link isn't active yet, but the store-gallery-workshop's website should be up and running by the end of the month. I thought you might want to bookmark it now for later!


Adieu Montréal! J'ai beaucoup profité de vous. Vous allez me manquer!

MONTREAL - U of M Campus

VANCOUVER - Beatty Street


MONTREAL - Peer Pressure 2 Yr Anniversary

I was really feeling the Emanuel Ungaro look last night.