VANCOUVER - H&M Opening Press Event

Here is a shot Dani got from the press event for the H&M flagship store opening at Pacific Centre. There were a ton of stylish people there, but it was far too crowded and busy to pull people aside for photos, which explains this solitary photo. I think Bitsy also snapped one or two, so hopefully it will be redirected my way and posted shortly.


VANCOUVER - Main Street

Speaking of the relationship between music and style, yesterday I hung out with Lauren Toyota of Much Music's Going Coastal. We chatted a bit about the blog, and a bit about the city, but spent the majority of our time hunting down these stylish individuals. I think the episode will air on Sunday, June 1st, if you want to tune in!

VANCOUVER - Commercial & 8th

This is Thomas, a member of Vancouver's The Green Hour. I have to encourage you to check out their myspace page (linked above) because their music is actually quite good. In fact, really good. And anyone who knows me, know that I'm not nearly as passionate about Vancouver's music scene as I am about its street style. However, when I do find a local band I like, I get really excited. Which is why I can't wait for their performance tomorrow night (Saturday) at The Railway Club.

But what is even better about the Green Hour is that these are four incredibly well dressed guys, albeit they look like they walked straight out of the 1960s. I mean, when you see them all walking down the street together its a bit funny, especially out of context. But on stage, they are pretty damn cool. These are four guys who definitely understand the importance of creating an image. So much of our appreciation of music is involved in visualisation -- which is why so many musicians of the past have been as equally recognized as style icons, as they are music legends. The Green Hour give us a sense of this, as they draw inspiration in style from the same era their music refers to.