if ever, this was the weekend to spend in the west end. spring is on its way, which is great, because that means we will finally be able to put an end to our over-worn pea coats and leather jackets. ha! who am i kidding! as if vancouverites (especially those young males in the 18-35 year old category) ever give up their leather jackets, come rain or kelowna-forest-fire heat. i'll be honest, even i succumbed to buying a cowhide this weekend. i've lived my entire life in this city, eventually it was going to happen.

so here is what i'm expecting to see rise in popularity this spring. the low-riding baggy-thigh skinny-ankle parachute-pant-esque jeans and pants you see all the korean kids wearing. that, or, denim waist lines will start creeping back up to 1985 heights (shout out to mom jeans). Especially when it comes to women's shorts (blouses tucked in, of course). For guys, i'd like to see deeper, wider necklines and dress shorts that stop mid thigh. And i think its about time guys also got to join in on the glory of wearing really tacky, oversized necklaces, without them being jewel encrusted and in the shape of a dollar sign. okay, so maybe that turned out to be less about expectations and more about hopes. as sad and pathetic our generation is, for borrowing steez from previous generations, goddamnit its fun, so lets keep on doing it.


i go out on friday night, and i come home on saturday morning

DAY: Sunday
LOCATION: Royal Unicorn Cabaret, Pender & Main
BEST ITEM: A Pashmina

LOCATION: Lougheed Station Platform
BEST ITEM: double-breasted belted pea coat

LOCATION: unmentionable depths of Coquitlam
BEST ITEM: black suede ankle boot (honourable mention: white leather jacket)


thecommodified ♥ shutterbug

a friend recently tipped me on a mention that shutterbug made on the vancouver forum of thefashionspot.com. in response, many of you will be happy to know that i no longer work for aa. instead, i'll be working downtown at a much more sophisticated and professional non-retail related establishment, which will hopefully mean that once i get more into the swing of my new job, i will have more exposure to great downtown fashion, especially the business attire -clad types you might see on the sartorialist. [shit, my middle school english teachers would not be impressed with that run-on sentence] Also, this means i get to wear skinny ties and vintage dress shoes every day. oh yeah.

thanks also to yourbestfriend. i didn't realise the forum discussion about thecommodified went on for so long. needless to say, yourbestfriend is now mybestfriend. view the entire thread.