VANCOUVER - Cordova Street / Green is the New Black

The reason I only have one picture from tonight's Gastown Christmas Shop Hop is because I instead attended a screening of the documentary, Arctic Tale, presented by Zipcar. Normally I wouldn't mention this kind of thing on the blog, but the message in the film, and given by the director during questions afterwards, really struck me. It reminded me that as a fashion-enthusiast, I have a certain responsibility to consider the impact of my materiality. Although I like to consider myself conscious of climate change, I realize I'm pretty guilty given the high turn-over rate in my closet. Yet on the same note, I'm not about to give up my interest in fashion. I can't deny that consumerism is fun!

However, there are ways that I've been trying to incorporate a more sustainable mindset into my indulgences. I avoid taking plastic shopping bags when possible. I dress weather appropriate so I don't have to boost the heat or air conditioning. I use public transit for all my shopping adventures, and every other trip I take. I'm supporting local designers, Nicole Bridger and Elroy Apparel, who are making sustainable clothing fashionable, by putting their links here. And, of course, I'm buying most of my clothes second-hand, like I'm sure many of you are too.

These little things may seem trivial, but as they say, a small effort is better than no effort. So next time you feel the need for some shopping-therapy, try to remember the new mantra journalists are heralding: green is the new black.


Vancouver - SFU Harbour Centre, West Hastings

Vancouver Fashion Forums

In the comments for my last post, an anonymous commenter inquired about Vancouver Fashion Forums. I thought this info would be good to post, in case other readers are interested but don't often venture into the message boards of this blog. Here are some forums I know of:

"Vancouver Fashion Industry" Facebook Group

"Fashion Scene in Vancouver" Facebook Group

"Vancouver Fashion Scene" on The Fashion Spot

"Shop Vancouver" Livejournal Group

And of course, don't forget to take a look at my "Vancouver Fashion" links to the right. Vancouver has a number of good fashion blogs and websites that are always updating with interesting, relevant content.


VANCOUVER - PaperBird, SmallTown, GoodNews Performance

Last night (thursday), was an important night for two Vancouver designers. While Paperbird Clothing held an exposition at 1181, SmallTown Jeans put on a show at the Bourbon. Unfortunately, my timing was off the entire night, and I missed both collections. Luckily however, I didn't miss the crowd that stuck around for the after-events, which for SmallTown, included a performance by The Good News and DJ, my!gay!husband!.


Gastown Christmas Shop Hop

'Tis the season for Christmas shopping already! Here's an opportunity to get your give on. Head down to Gastown on Thursday, November 29th between 6pm and 10pm for the Gastown Christmas Shop Hop. You'll be lured around the cobblestone streets as 11 of Vancouver's best boutique retailers offer some of the greatest deals of the season.

Or, if for you its still too early to face the dreaded list, at least come down to show off your attire. I'll probably be lurking around a street corner, hoping to capture some fashionable shoppers.


Seattle retrospective

So I headed down to Seattle on Friday, and I'm sad to say that I came home with no street style pictures. I think my empty-handedness all day left me feeling uninspired. But I really shouldn't blame Seattle the city for my unsuccessful shopping experience. I blame Barney's. I spent far too much time snivelling over the beautiful Dior Homme, Raf Simons, Jil Sander items I can't even dream of affording. What I needed was a good slap in the face and the hook of a cane around my neck, yanking me into Target (or Targé, as we call it here in Canada). I didn't even go to the outlet malls on the way home, which usually accounts for one unnecessary but gratifying impulse buy. So I'll just have to try my luck another time.

But in all honesty, the overall taste the short 7 hours I spent in the Emerald city left me can be summed up as "posh/punk", referring to Downtown/Capitol Hill respectively. I really just don't know the city well enough to hunt for street style, because I'm too busy hunting for Olive street, the only connection i know between the two neighbourhoods.


VANCOUVER - H&M Season Start Kick-off Party

H&M is preparing for its winter season, with some new collection pieces being launched November 8. This includes Roberto Cavalli for H&M, which will be available for men and women at the Coquitlam store. I'm not sure if it's worth making a trip out to the burbs, as they say it will all sell out by noon, especially because we'll be attracting the seattle crowd as well. In my opinion, you are probably better off just waiting for it to show up on ebay and hour later. But speaking of seattle, I'll be heading down there for the day tomorrow, and will hopefully be capturing a few south of the border street styles.

While I'm at it, i just want to express my love for watching promotional videos for new clothing lines on youtube. Here is another one of my recent favourites:

VANCOUVER - Heading Downtown

i just liked the colour combination. perfect for fall. and i always get a kick out of overalls.

it was this girl's dream to be caught on a street style blog, so i think i made her day.