joanna newsom fan club

seen in line at the joanna newsom concert, tuesday night. and if you aren't aware of joanna newsom and her personal style, then i highly suggest you do a google image search. adorable.


merry jam said...

i love what you're doing here! i stumbled onto your site from the only mag website. i think it's funny and amazing to see people that i recongize/know on here. keep it up! (i will most likely be checking up.)

thehealingroom said...

Hi there.
I was in line at the Joanna Newsom concert!!
I loved Bill and Joanna both. Great music.
Though I thought the crowd abit too uptight. I was surprised by the attitudes of so many young people. My son said Vancouver is like that...very reserved bordering on snobbish.

clair said...

omg omg omg

I just discovered your blog and am super-excited cuz I GO TO SFU TOO and I ADORE street fashion too!! I just browsed through all of the postings dating back from august. thanks for sharing the great shots! I think you are well over your initial fear of approaching strangers :)
(even more excited that you are a rare breed of fashion-forward hetero-male!)

in fact, I've been thinking about exactly the same thing for a while - starting a style(and other misc.photos/issues) blog for SFU. It may sound like a joke but heck, I live on campus, and I keep on spotting some def noteworthy looks..

please keep on posting. if I do start fashion blogging(which really is just a wishful thinking right now), i'll give you a shout and ask for blessings from the pioneer! maybe we can collaborate to demistify the notion that van+suburbs are boring fashion-wise.

Anonymous said...

you need to take more pictures per post
its just not satisfying

Anonymous said...

dear craig,

here is another site that you should check out. enjoy :)


- olivia

Carissa said...

Amazing coats.

Alice said...

I looove joanna newsom and I love her fans, apparantly! The top girl's coat is divine.

Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

Those are some pretty lovely coats! My most favorite one is the grey fancy one, she has such a sweet knitted scarf around her neck. I haven't been able to afford a new coat in years. But i guess mine keeps me warm over each harsh winter, so i should be grateful. I love your picture site, you must have many pretty dress' stocked up in your closet young lady. Such a shame you dont take cute pictures of your things.