thecommodified ♥ shutterbug

a friend recently tipped me on a mention that shutterbug made on the vancouver forum of thefashionspot.com. in response, many of you will be happy to know that i no longer work for aa. instead, i'll be working downtown at a much more sophisticated and professional non-retail related establishment, which will hopefully mean that once i get more into the swing of my new job, i will have more exposure to great downtown fashion, especially the business attire -clad types you might see on the sartorialist. [shit, my middle school english teachers would not be impressed with that run-on sentence] Also, this means i get to wear skinny ties and vintage dress shoes every day. oh yeah.

thanks also to yourbestfriend. i didn't realise the forum discussion about thecommodified went on for so long. needless to say, yourbestfriend is now mybestfriend. view the entire thread.


Sabrina (aka shutterbug on TFS) said...

Shutterbug <3 thecommodified, and wishes he would update more often.

syntaxandgramma said...

hey, I'm just starting up a montreal street style blog and I've linked you. I was wondering if that was cool, and if you'd do the same.
Thank you!

yourbestfriend, aka ichabod said...

Thanks for the mention, commodified. If you're interested I can send you an invite to join the site.


The Commodified said...

sure, that'd be great.