robson & granville

I was trying to come up with a clever and catchy title for this post, but all i could think of was to try and combine the two street names... what did i get? robville... or gran(d)son... either way, not catchy in the least.

Regardless, I've always thought of Robson and Granville as sort of the hub of Vancouver. It doesn't really matter who you are, you've probably set foot on this street corner countless times. The reason I crossed it today, was because I had been downtown for an interview with the WE. They are writing a feature article about the commodified for their 'Best of Vancouver' issue. Make sure you pick up a copy next Thursday (Feb 22).

As for today's pics, pretend you're me for a sec. you're walking down the street, and what catches your eye? nothing other than a flashy pink tie! i'm not gonna lie, it totally made my day.


Julia said...

Hye Craig,
Ive compared you to FACEHUNTER before and i was right.
in not time at all ur now networking, and gee\ting buzz along with interviews and etc.
word spreads fast......i knew tis was coming.
i did one thing though, i mentioned you "The Commodified" on BeyondRobson, hopefully u got some hits from that.
but otherwise...keep on getting buzz and photogrpahing more ppl. maybe one of them will be me one day, who knows!!


- julia

Anonymous said...

'tho I appreciate your efforts,
I think you should putting up more photos (better photographed too) than you are "doing" now if you want to continue with this blog and make it like face hunter and the others

I understand vancouver isn't NY or europe, but I think your blog has potential.

Still, I think self-promotion through mags like WE and Beyond Robson should be followed-up with real quality work, don't you? Or it quickly becomes another exercise in blog-puffery...

the lack of comments to your posts alone should show you this...

sorry...but i think you can do better...

Candid Cool said...

congrats on the media attention!

1) everything from head to toe is beautiful. beautiful hat, jacket, jeans, and i like those slick shoes.
2) she has a juliette binoche-esque look, very sweet on her.

Anonymous said...

These people are boring, Vancouver has way more to offer then this... especially the pink tie guy, come on! fourteen year olds wear pink ties to their cousin's wedding and think they're being subversive.