gassy jack says plastic bags are cool

apparently, plastic bags are the must have accessory this fall. that and ferrets. today i saw a man carrying a ferret.

ps. new feature! now you can get up close and intimate with all of your favourite commodifieds. try clicking the images for a larger view!


Julia said...

that dude buys his sushi at the same place as me. 9 pieces for $2.37. werd. its located on east hastings in an area that smells like vomit...and they also have the most famous gelato place there.

urrick said...

Hey... people in Vancouver dress in a very cool way! I liked this blog a lot, sure i´ll come back. I have a project like yours here in Brazil, and it´s cool to see how people dress around the globe .

missc said...

Plastic bags.. I must say I haven't noticed them around Vancouver, at least where I live. Or maybe I'm just unobservant.

trish said...

oh god..
clearly thecommodified was joking about the plastic bags.

funnyface said...

Love the pics!
how did u put in that new feature to enlarge your pics? Im trying to do the same thing but it just wont work...

ps. ur blog is so cool
canada rocks!