hear! all ye faithfulls!

thanks to everyone who's been perusing my site on a regular basis. i think its really awesome that people are finding an interest in what i'm doing. also, its nice to know i'm not the only street-fashion-blog addict out there. on that note, be sure to tell eveyone you know about my site. if you want to link up to my site with a banner or somethin' just email me and i'll send you a little pic to put on your myspace or your blog or whatever.

that being said, i'd like to formally apologize for not having posted in a while, and that's because i was on vacation. from life. this whole summer has been go go go and i seriously needed to get away. so i chose tofino. i was gonna do a little "tofino style" entry... but the place is just so damn serene that i really couldn't be bothered. so instead i'll tell you about this really cute couple that worked in the hostel i was staying at. i dont know their names, or anything, but trust me they are cute. (and if you couldn't tell by now, i have a huge obsession with stylish couples. its the best.) anyways, the style in tofino is pretty much this: hikers and hippies. so it was really refreshing to wake up every morning to a pair of hipsters cleaning the kitchen for you. the girl was caucasian with died black hair and when we checked in she was wearing skinny black jeans with nike hi-tops and a cowboy-western blouse. pearly buttons and all. her hair was usually loosely tied in a messy bun. another day she wore a silk knee length skirt with a red pattern on it, i can't really remember what, but i liked it. her boyfriend was "brown" (that's unoffencive and indiscriminatory vancouver-slang that refers to people of the middle-east), and he always sported vintage polos and royal elastics shoes. he also had a crazy 'fro which is something i've always envied. they weren't really well put together by any means. but cummon. this is ilsand life. nothing is "well put together" on the island. nor ought it be. and thus, there was something so unquestionably cute and stylish about this dishevelled couple that me and my gf took to spying on them as they watched the sun set while eating what we decided was a potato dinner. my gf and i later spent the length of the trip home talking about how cute they were and how we wished we had become their friends while we had the chance. Aw. and if they ever came to vancouver, we could hook them up, and be like "hey? wanna party? come party with us!"

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Heather said...

Nice site my friend - and the new haircut (or lack thereof) is quite stylish, Ottawa Frank would love it, and the fact that you devoted a blog to being the fashionist-er that you are - classic.

However I request more photos of ascots.