MONTREAL - "Bones of Paris" Art Opening, Atelier Woodenapples

This is a photo of Vancouver artist, Gabrielle Parizeau, sporting a revolutionary-inspired outfit. Her art is currently being shown at Atelier Woodenapples on Parc Ave, Montréal. I realise the link isn't active yet, but the store-gallery-workshop's website should be up and running by the end of the month. I thought you might want to bookmark it now for later!


Adieu Montréal! J'ai beaucoup profité de vous. Vous allez me manquer!


chu said...

missed the vernissage but passed by with jeng thursday night when they were setting up. looks like fun

Marilis said...

Aurevoir Craig! It was nice to run into you those few times I did!

mono said...

I LOVE this shot & Gabrielle's outfit is super - fun times!

Anonymous said...