The Commodified is Not Dead

I have a couple of pictures on my camera from the last week or so that I've been wanting to post, but I haven't been able to get around to uploading them. Please forgive the delay.



Dave said...

come to vancouvervanity.com instead

Anonymous said...

We won't all hold our breaths so don't worry.

This site is lacking in content so much it's a joke. I think there's more ridiculous articles posted here than there is street fashion.

You really need to get over yourself.

The Commodified said...

If the blog is so lackluster, why do you look at it? There must be something you like.

PS. Do you mind sending me your street-style blogging guide, so i can make sure I'm up to standard.

dave said...

Never steal. I have much respect for you and your site and have been asked once if i worked for you. After praising your site, i mention how mine differs with street art and other things i touch up on. I just merely suggested an alternative while you upload your images. Its all love, and maybe eventually we can work together!

Anonymous said...

I look at this site from time to time because I like street fashion sites and I'm from Vancouver. I look at lots of things on the internet I don't neccessarily like all of them.

All I was saying is that your blog needs more street style photos and less pretentious banter.

The Commodified said...

but if i can't banter pretentiously on my own blog, then where can i?