VANCOUVER - Cordova Street / Green is the New Black

The reason I only have one picture from tonight's Gastown Christmas Shop Hop is because I instead attended a screening of the documentary, Arctic Tale, presented by Zipcar. Normally I wouldn't mention this kind of thing on the blog, but the message in the film, and given by the director during questions afterwards, really struck me. It reminded me that as a fashion-enthusiast, I have a certain responsibility to consider the impact of my materiality. Although I like to consider myself conscious of climate change, I realize I'm pretty guilty given the high turn-over rate in my closet. Yet on the same note, I'm not about to give up my interest in fashion. I can't deny that consumerism is fun!

However, there are ways that I've been trying to incorporate a more sustainable mindset into my indulgences. I avoid taking plastic shopping bags when possible. I dress weather appropriate so I don't have to boost the heat or air conditioning. I use public transit for all my shopping adventures, and every other trip I take. I'm supporting local designers, Nicole Bridger and Elroy Apparel, who are making sustainable clothing fashionable, by putting their links here. And, of course, I'm buying most of my clothes second-hand, like I'm sure many of you are too.

These little things may seem trivial, but as they say, a small effort is better than no effort. So next time you feel the need for some shopping-therapy, try to remember the new mantra journalists are heralding: green is the new black.


Anonymous said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

Great post Craig.

So important for people to realize that fashion does not have to result in mindless cunsumption and is truly far from it.

Most of us need to be more aware of the impact of our choices, fashion and otherwise. There is no excuse not to be.

And honestly, no excuse to use plastic bags EVER. Sustainable choices may seem inconvenient at first but once it becomes a way of life it is extremely rewarding.

The Commodified said...

Thanks. I felt it necessary after doing a google search on "fashion and climate change" and only finding articles whining about how there will no longer be a distinction between fall/winter and spring/summer collections. I was a bit appalled that their way of responding is to suggest raising hemlines... everything can be commodified, even climate change.

Anonymous said...

That's all well and good, but when it comes down to it, environmentalism is for weak-kneed bleeding hearts. I mean, aren't you just a little tired of those hemp-wearing bastards shitting on your party? I sure am.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure most of us have moved past the sterotype of "hemp wearing hippies" being the only people/way to care about the future of the universe and our species. Come on now.

Just look at Craig and the rest of the people on this site. Vintage clothing has to be one of the most environmentally and socially friendly fashion choice there is!

Peace all.

Anonymous said...

I concur...I'd like to think of myself as both stylish and concientious of the earth. Both are important for a better world!