Seattle retrospective

So I headed down to Seattle on Friday, and I'm sad to say that I came home with no street style pictures. I think my empty-handedness all day left me feeling uninspired. But I really shouldn't blame Seattle the city for my unsuccessful shopping experience. I blame Barney's. I spent far too much time snivelling over the beautiful Dior Homme, Raf Simons, Jil Sander items I can't even dream of affording. What I needed was a good slap in the face and the hook of a cane around my neck, yanking me into Target (or Targé, as we call it here in Canada). I didn't even go to the outlet malls on the way home, which usually accounts for one unnecessary but gratifying impulse buy. So I'll just have to try my luck another time.

But in all honesty, the overall taste the short 7 hours I spent in the Emerald city left me can be summed up as "posh/punk", referring to Downtown/Capitol Hill respectively. I really just don't know the city well enough to hunt for street style, because I'm too busy hunting for Olive street, the only connection i know between the two neighbourhoods.


Agasel said...

I lived in Seattle for a short while, and while the people in general are way more casually dressed there than in Vancouver, they have wicked consignment stores near UW. (University of Washington) Those stores make the 3.5 hour drive worth it!

Vicky said...

I love your pictures !
I want again

Anonymous said...

How quickly did the Roberto Cavalli collection sell?

stephen said...

i'm sorry you didn't have any luck.
next time you should
visit all the funky boutiques and cupcake shop in ballard, see the lenin statue and troll in fremont,
the plethora of college students in the u-district, frolick around the fountain at the seattle center/uptown, in addition to experiencing the cafe culture of capitol hill.