great vancouver collaborative

The fashion article in this month's issue of Infamous Magazine about "5 BC Fashion Designers on the Rise" is a pretty wonderful thing. Its a collaboration between some of the most inspiring people in Vancouver, above and beyond the designers mentioned.

First, the article is written by Maeve Doyle, who is in my opinion, an important figure in Vancouver's fashion industry. Whether its her production and publicity company, her foray into journalism, or the classes she instructs at John Casablancas, she's always up to something to help inspire and promote.

Next, we have photography by Fiona Garden. Fiona Garden's photography is pretty much a staple in all Vancouver's important fashion publications. If you keep up with these magazines, then you've probably seen her work countless times and thought, "Wow. What an incredible photograph!" without even realizing it was her each time.

Vancouver is no Paris or New York, I'm willing to admit. But every now and then I come across an editorial spread and forget that for a second. Why? Because stylist Shiva Shabani has masterfully created ensembles with resources you didn't even know existed in this city. This time, she worked with Maeve's Top 5 picks to create yet another stunning collection.

Maeve's Top 5:

Kulpa by Joanna Kulpa
Lily+Jae by Judith Feller
Mandula by Hajnalka Mandula
Bloodline by Malcolm Norman
Jason Matlo


triciabelle said...

always loved kulpa and matlo, hadn't heard much of the other three though... i'll have to snag this copy. usually when i flip through infamous i'm a little less than impressed, but i must admit you have me intrigued :)

Anonymous said...

lily+jae, yay! and Mandula-la-la!
yes, infamous sucks balls.

Anonymous said...

fiona is one of the all time greats

Anonymous said...

haters, let this be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I simply love Kulpa designs! She's a force to be reckoned with.