Leisure Shirt and Loafers

this guy has come into my store before, and i've always liked his style. its classic. this time when i saw him i thought, "damn, he makes that long-sleeve leisure shirt look good!" But then, upon closer look, i realised it wasn't american apparel at all. the embroidery on the pocket was unidentifiable. nevertheless, he made me consider buying an item i previously loathed. but, let's be honest, the american apparel version just wouldn't fit as nicely.

and i like his loafers. a sidenote.

so what has this experience taught me so far? well, just that i need to get out more. i'm not going to deny that i work at american apparel. its evidenced by the last two pictures. and i'm also not going to deny that i work at the metrotown location. but hey, i think its a good thing. by snapping pics of the stylish metrotown perusers, i'm subverting the elitist mentality that good finds cant be found in malls (i've been known to hunt for bargains at urban behaviour, and i'm not afraid to say it) and that metrotown is not all thugs and hoodrats. okay, so maybe like 5% aren't. whatever.

and for the record. i dont just go to metrotown, and that's it. i was downtown the other day, and there were so many people i should have taken pictures of. but that was the problem. they were all looking so damn good that i was too intimidated to ask them for their picture. i just have to build up the site a bit more with friends and customers, before i'll feel brave enough to approach complete strangers. what do you think?


Anonymous said...

you know this is a great idea, there aren't enough sites involving street style around, especially one for Vancouver..
I'll be looking forwarf to your future posts

Elissa said...

i love this site already

i too go to urban behavior for bargains.

i've only been to american apparel once, and it was quite a while ago, maybe i'll stop by your store next time i go to metrotown

;) can't wait for more posts

Sabrina said...

Yay loafers! I love it when the classic styles get more appreciation. I've been to your store a couple of times to apply for work but... it just wasn't meant to be haha.

sean said...

c'mon. you can do better. we need a Vancouver fashion blog, but you need to take it out of the store and hit Main St. or something.

Anonymous said...

holy crap he does look good and he is ridiculously good looking too. i hear model agencies calling him. i wish i was calling him too, but seriously now, i appreciate his amazing sense of style.