preloved fashion show

i've split the following post into two parts, because the whole evening was just overflowing with good style that i could barely even handle it myself. so this post, as you can tell, provides you with highlights from the fashion show. all clothing designed by preloved. the next post will show you what some of the attendees were wearing.


Mary Craig said...

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know that all the Jewels that are shown on the models at the Preloved/Clutch Jewels Fashion Show are designs by Clutch Jewels. I myself am the designer (& Stylist) of Clutch Jewels and i ran the backstage that night(styled all the models) and my amazing team of Clutch Girls were my team of dressers. It frustrates us a little that for all the effort and work that the Clutch Jewels team did on the show we ended up not getting any press or shoutouts. What does it take to get some hard earned love and props around here? Respectfully. Mary.

For more photos from the show see my blog:

Mary Craig said...
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