prepared for glory

one of the attendees of the advance screening of 300 at the paramount theatre, monday night.


Anonymous said...

silver chain!, i likey

Carissa said...

Interesting pant choice.

Anonymous said...

WTF. these are all your AA buddies.



can't you get actual normal people from the streets like you CLAIM them to be?

thats john.

theres also that girl from the downtown american apparel who just got a job at that vintage store. i could point some fingers and drop names.



why are you trying to GLORIFY
YOUR GROUP OF FRIENDS when you can actually make sense and try to see the streak of beauty in average people who dont want to put themselves in a category like "hipster" or "scenster"?

Anonymous said...

in response to previous comment:

1: it seems like it would be more hassle than it's worth for the creator of this blog to stage/arrange photos of friends; point being, it seems like an unreasonable accusation to make.

1a: have you no faith in the general public of vancouver? do you not believe that there are people beyond the photographer's circle of friends?

2: they are pictures of people standing on the streets of vancouver looking good in some regard.
what more do you want?

-- I enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

In response to the post two above mine:

You've made an assumption about this photo which is totally false. This is in no way an example of Craig trying to "Glorify his group of friends" as I barely know him. (Oh, yeah. It's me in the photo.) We have mutual friends and have rarely ever had contact before. This is the first time I see him in about 5 months and he thought I was wearing something interesting. I think that's a legitimate, honest reason to take a photo.

I have no idea what your problem is, or why you know who I am. I respect what this site is trying to achieve. It's not like anyone is trying to force down these images down your throat or categorizing the people in the photos in any way. Thanks for calling me a scenester anyways. Where do you think you fit in?

Anonymous said...


The Commodified is still on the D/L, and he mentioned previously that he is trying to expand his site by using friends first; hasn't quite got the confidence to ask total strangers. The concept is new to the general public, so I don't blame Craig for photographing his friends first. It's about style, not who the person is. It's a FASHION blog; so what if the person HAPPENS to be a friend, as well? Craig is a popular guy, I'm sure he knows a lot of people. I don't understand how this impacts your life, and why you have to bitch about it. Seriously.

Karl said...

Karl just plain doesn't like it.

I understand that people are loving to play with proportions, more volume up top etc, but this is just really poorly executed. Sleeve length is fun, that's about it. Scarf is horrible. Are those sweatpants? He looks like he would smell of cheese.

Anonymous said...

is that a joke post.

point 1: "hipsters" have style. they spend money on designer labels and likely they just spend a lot of money on appearances

point 2: there are no scensters. adulty people turn into hipsters. scensters are for the kids.

point 3: normal people would be of the norm and what style is that....spandex?

Anonymous said...


Im just about to add your site as a linke on mine, would be great if you wanted to do the same for me!!


sanna & manchester

Anonymous said...

john you are my style icon.
craig, keep it up.


Anonymous said...

i dont see much creative style in these photos. it all looks pretty generic to me. the girl in the westender dresses like every other girl that shops in metro town. anyone can look edgey in a pair of oversized glasses...the style on here is done and done.

MODEST said...

this is travis.

wow, this is a lot of people saying what they think. .
my turn:
1) to hot karl, you seem like a total dickhead, and you spend a lot of time on this site. whats your blog so i can read it? how do you dress? with a name like karl, with a k, you seem like you wear lacoste and give your friends handjobs watching straight porn cause your "not gay". and you probably have a ceaser cut cause they are totally coming back.
2) jon doesnt smell like cheese, i should know i was with him when that photo was taken, he looks like a mexican ninga.
3) craig is a cool dude, who gives a fuck if he uses his friends, its not his fault they dress well, he does only one of each of them, i dress well every time i see him and im only in once, if you want to be in it, dress well, bump into him, we became friends cause of this blog... not really i met him at a birthday party, but you get it.
4) INSULTS ARE AWESOME!!!! it means youre looking, hate all you want, set up a good blog he'll add you stop bitching and do it better or shut the fuck up!
5)write your name with the insults you fucking cowards!

Basco5 said...
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Basco5 said...

Craig approached me on the street and I know that he didn't know me when he took the photo, so I was one stranger that got on here. Vancouver can be small so when I checked the site it was not suprising to see some people that I knew. Some connected to each other (like through AA) some complete strangers to the others. At the end of the day what matters is Craig is posting picture of some people with very nice style and that's what I like. Like take John here, I'm sorry but his outfit is stylish and he took a risk by tryig something different.

Wonderful job:)

Anonymous said...

I don't like this very much at all. But looks comfy for 300.

Anonymous said...

either way, looks like a$s

Anonymous said...

the general public of vancouver does not have any fashion sense. there is no doubt in that. but there are exceptions. it is evident that you have not found them. find these cool people and photos won't suck ass

Anonymous said...


love you ^

Vancouver Vanity said...

If this person is or isnt their friend they arent dressed really good :)