got the eye?

This summer i'm going to be staying for a month in each of singapore and montreal, and i'm looking forward to bringing the street style of those cities to vancouver. but this site is ultimately vancouvercentric, and i'm hoping to find an enthusiastic photographer or two to hold down the fort while i'm gone -- and longer!

so if you think you've got an eye for style and are interested in roaming the streets of vancouver searching for the city's fashionistas, you could contribute to the commodified! but keep in mind that it should be a hobby for you as well! something to supplement your everyday activities.

send me an email, and we can hash out the details; see if you're the right fit for the commodified.


Anonymous said...

travis says:

i think karl should do it.
i would like that.

i could if you want.
my work does get filled to the brim with trends.

Julia said...

hey craig

ive been a freelance photographer for 3 years.

i worked as a photojournalist downtown last summer
and will probably work downtown this summer again

so willprobably make time during lunch breaks to go lurk around for some interesting styles.

id be interested for sure.
u know my myspace and faceook to reply back

i enclosed my flickr if u want to see if my photo skills are good enough!


nathalie said...

Allo Craig,

I'm in the process of starting up a street fashion site for Victoria called Chic Vic.
I'm still in the very early stages, so I was thinking that if you wanted to extend your style file Island ways, I would love to be the island eyes. I used to work as a stylist in Vancouver, and I've worked in fashion for ever (almost).
Living in Victoria I see the most wild, most eclectic and most innovative styles. People here wear anything... and although sometimes I cringe, averting my eyes from witnessing such crimes, the majority of the time I must resist from oggling at the victoria vixens wearing lambskin ballet flats and Arabian gutras, that will sweep the runways in aproximately....mmmm... 3 seasons??
Well, style aside, back to business, I would love to take part in The Commodified as a style savante. I think what you're doing for Vancouver is fabulous and I would love to learn the nitty gritty details of working your style site before blazing my own.
I frequent Vancouver quite often for shows, so if you did want to keep the site Vancouverfied, I would still love to snap up some snaz, post it on the interweb, and talk about it... I'll be in Vancouver on the the weekend of April 13 (FREAKY FRIDAY!!) for the Bassnectar show, so if you are into my proposal, I will happily chat about further details... oh, and I'm also a writer... so if you got photofolk already, I will write style commentary.