beyond robson

check out the new link in the press section on the right side column. a link to the interview i had with julia of beyond robson, is available.

I have to appologize for the lack of posts recently. I've been in hibernation a bit, and have been spending more time in a dark cold corner of my house doing admin work for the site, than actually going out and hitting the streets. That being said, I'm making good progress finding contributors to help me out.

I've got a picture on my camera from yesterday that i still have to upload, so there is lots to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

hey craig the link AINT WORKIN BITCCHHH

anon. said...

American Apparel as a sub-culture?

Give me a fucking break, you pompous fucking prick.

If anything it's a sub-culture made up of 20 something year olds who do nothing with their life besides drink, and who combine American Apparel clothes with vintage "finds" to create something they consider to be sooo fucking fashion forward.

No, you're not original, no, you're not edie sedgwick, no, you're not witty, you dress like shit, you don't read, you don't go to school, you're dumb as fucking shit and you don't even care.

American Apparel as a sub-culture? fuck you, Vancouver, fuck you.

The Commodified said...

I've never claimed to be original, I've never claimed to be edie sedgwick, but I will conceide that I may have tried to be witty from time to time.

I do read, often, both fiction and non fiction. In fact, I'm seven courses away from having a Bachelors of Arts, with a Major in Communications, a Minor in Publishing and a GPA of 3.5. In fact, the Director of Communications at SFU is also a personal reference of mine, if you'd like to check up on that.

I have 12 months of work experience in Public Relations, where i have been employed by the Law Commission of Canada and Warner Bros. Pictures and Grey Worldwide Northwest.

I have also worked in retail for five years as a Sales Associate, Merchandiser and Manager. Yes, one of those employers was American Apparel.

Now everyone has my credentials, although I didnt know they are necessary for managing a blog. Are you happy?

anon. said...


my "you" was an apostrophe to the afore-mentioned subcultre.

we all know it's not -you- who tries so desperate to look/act/be like edie sedgwick.

Anonymous said...


you really dont have to defeond yourself to the people who waste time hating upon blogs

its ridiculous
but some people are just so so bitter
and u shouldnt waste your time respong to them

and good for you for having achieved so much in your life

very impressive!

Anonymous said...

3.5 avg, eh?
that's pretty fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

thanks, craig, for being one of the few in the city who actually DOES something. vancouver is so full of people with unjustified pretension.
and i couldn't care less what your credentials are. you're writing a fashion blog, and doing a good job of it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you even defended yourself to him. I would have posted a simple 'LOL'...

This guy clearly has no notion of the changing world of fashion adoption and acception.

That and despite NOT liking your blog, he's kind of stalking it.

Anonymous said...

travis says:

cant wait to be on with ya.

this site is a riot.

anon. said...

1. Just because you're a bunch of stupid idiots with no fashion sense, it doesn't make me pretentious. ...And even if it does, you're still a bunch of stupid idiots with no fashion sense.

2. You're fucking STUPID if you think people won't hate on blogs - blogs are open forums. Are you a fucking idiot? If I don't like something, I'll let you know!!

3. "the changing world of fashion adoption and acception. " oooh, i especially liked this one. If -that- doesn't sound pretentious, I don't know -what- does. Especially since you don't even bother to expand. You're a hypocritical motherfucker, and are only offended because you're wearing some vintage t-shirt, with an American Apparel hoodie and some vintage leather jacket (brown seems to be preferred).

4. And of course I'm stalking this fucking blog despite me hating it - it's supposed to represent "Vancouver", go ahead and blame me if I have hope that someday, all of a sudden, things will change.

P.S. Just because CRAIG has some credentials, it doesn't make up for the rest of you ugly fucking dumb shit motherfuckers. My post was about the -whole- "sub-culture", and one if one guy is an exception, it doesn't change the overall traits of the group.

You're still the same pathetic retail-working mother fucking dumb shit.

ginnie said...

WHOA! Hey "anon.", Vancouverites are about the LOVE, not the HATE. Peace. Love. Fashion. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

the way this anon guy talks, its kind of attractive..

anon. said...

i'm a model and a part of MENSA. ...we`should fuck.

Anonymous said...

hm yes, tempting offer. what exactly is MENSA?

anon. said...

yo, international organization for people with the top 10% IQs in the world.