street clash

the commodified is going to be competing in street clash and i'm looking for your suggestions as to which pic from 2007 you'd like to see me start competing with.


Carly said...

I would go with anyone who is dressed perfectly for the summer.


I'm in love with that girl's outfit. There's been a couple other people that have had summer outfits containing things that are fashionable this season.

Since it's a competition, I guess you should go for something that a majority of the general public can agree on?

Anonymous said...

honestly, the vancouver-west of denman picture with the cute girl in the scarf eating chips and the guy in the long jacket is one of my favorite pictures on any blog recently. you may want to go with it!

Anonymous said...

NONONO! don't you dare go with that photo, craig. it's terrible. in no way is it fashionable, or even trendy, in the very least. it's not a good representation of vancouver-fashion AT ALL.