SINGAPORE - Orchard Road frills

my singaporean friends wanted me to add a disclaimer that these two are not an accurate representation of singapore. and i attest to you it's true. but really, when have street style blogs ever accurately represented their home cities? we prowl the streets, picking through the masses with a fine toothed comb, looking for something special. its not necessarily always that someone is "fashionable". in fact, the most fashionable people are sometimes the least exciting.

its ironic that i found these two within a mere few hours of eachother, considering how rare it is to see anyone "outside the norm" in singapore. Although this is surely seen as a bit over-the-top by both vancouverites and singaporeans alike, if the trend has made its way from tokyo to singapore, i wouldn't be surprised if some element of their outfits will make its way to the shelves worldwide, even if it is just the knee-high socks.


brittany said...

number one...

amazing! these girls are so cute.

laimikis said...

Nice blog. and even better catches you get. :)

best wishes from Vilnius!