UPCOMING EVENTS - Sound of Fashion / Generation Next

I'm starting to get a lot of emails about fashion-related events in Vancouver. When I first started the blog, I remember thinking how difficult it was to break the upper echelon of Vancouver's fashion society. I can't help but think that the reason a lot of you read the blog, is because you too, like me, want to become more involved in the Vancouver fashion scene. So, I thought I would publicize the event invitations I'm sent for two reasons:

1) to continue democratizing fashion in Vancouver
2) to give you a chance to be spotted by me, should I be attending


BC Fashion Week - Sound of Fashion
Wednesday, September 26
9PM - 2AM
Georg-O-Mish [695 Smithe]
Featuring DJs Ani Sali & Marky Mark
Tickets available at Eden Fashion Boutique or at (212), 454 W Cordova St. For more information, email rsvp@gtwo-pr.com or call 603.617.9101


BC Fashion Week - Generation Next Fashion Show
Thursday, September 27
Performance Works Granville Island
Featuring local designers: Elroy Apparel, Nicole Bridger & Mia Melon*
Tickets available at Twigg&Hottie, Liquid Clothing, and Dream. For more information email, sarah@thehoneymustard.com or call 604.734.5674

This is the only BC Fashion Week show open to the public.

* Edited 09/26/07


Terri said...

The Generation Next show on Thursday will feature designs by Elroy Apparel, Nicole Bridger, and Mia Melon.

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