VANCOUVER - Livestock Block Party, Abbott Street

Well, it doesn't really get any more 'street' than a block party. Livestock threw one on Abbott Street this afternoon, complimented with food by Guu, the music of various local DJ's, beer garden at JD's BarberShop, and a halfpipe overcrowded by skaters.


Anonymous said...

moms jeans are so cory kenndy, with the gladiator shoes... ugh.

i liked that dudes raccoon thingy tho, a little fendi rat on his head.

Jenny_H said...

The mom jeans are never flattering, even if they are a "trend". Love the flannel/moccasin twins.

house proud said...

well maybe you two don't understand the shifting porportions of the future.
That mom is all woman

Anonymous said...

Dear anoymous,
Reading something in nylon and then acting blaze (because nylon is for teenage girls, right?) doesn't give you authority to critique the one photo that doesn't misrepresent the creative individuals (who dont shop at aritzia) that vancouver has to offer. Mom jeans are rad, and regardless of where she got her inspiration, this girl rocks them.

Mila Franovic said...

cant believe you choose flannel and moccasins over mom jeans! idiot

III said...

Aw, my favorite was the girl in the mom jeans. I mean, please, plaid and moccasins are WAY overplayed. Moccasins were considerably "cool" in 2005 but the sprout of all these hip/scenesters wearing lumberjack jackets and traditional native shoes are just getting boring; you never go without seeing them on the streets.

ANYWAYS, to the girl in the last picture with the stellar jeans: hopefully Vancouver will follow in your footsteps.

Anonymous said...

I like the girl's little native boots. They're different from your typical "slouchy" boot you see everywhere downtown. And I think the girl's flannel strapless tunic is a nice thing to see in summer.

"mom jeans are so cory kennedy" are you stupid? she didn't INVENT them. yeah, whatever, high-waisted jeans are in, as well as the raver leg width.

Anonymous said...

this blog should have a whole page on the high waisted beauty. the flannel twins are cute but urban outfitters should steer their employees away from the sale section, dont they get 40% off anyways? 4$ skinny high waisted acid wash denim or 4$ long sleeve daddy flannel? and ps: theres nothing wrong with cory kennedy, we should all make something out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

the fist guy is a joke

Anonymous said...

the first guy had these little gelled twist spikes that capped the joseph and technocolored dreamcoat motif like a cherry on the top of how gay hiphop has actually become..

Anonymous said...

The "mom jeans" girl is a living doll. She beats out that underaged cobra snake bitch, anyday!

Vicky said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i got there when it had just started?
it was pretty lame when i got there so i left.

too bad i missed you

i don't about those 2 teenage lookn girls.
a bit too trendy for me, see girls dressed like them all the time.
The girl in the last is just adorable.

Basco5 said...

I used to have a big crush on the "Mom's Jeans" girl many years ago when I was a street promoter. I remember I'd have to drop flyers off at her shop once a week, and let's just say it was the highlight. I remember she always had amazing style.

....hummm memories :)