EVENTS - Miss Sixty Store Opening

If you had asked me in May or June my opinions on Miss Sixty, I wouldn't have known what to tell you. I've since met an incredibly awesome person who calls Miss Sixty one her favourite brands and it opened my eyes to the great potential of their clothing. I mean, some of the bold prints are a bit much, but the cut and glitz of their collection is kinda exciting.

What does it mean now that a store is opening in Vancouver? Frankly, I think its great to see that these companies are recognizing that Vancouver is a market that ought to be tapped. Finally the world is seeing us as a fashion-conscious, even fashion-oriented city. At least now their will an alternative to Bebe when shopping for evening attire, and the average Vancouverite will look like they walked out of a photoshoot, rather than a yoga studio for once.

As for Miss Sixty's male counterpart, Energie, I have much the same to say. Although I find their advertisements incredibly appealing, its not a shop I would necessarily go to. However, if it brings a bit of variety to the standard faded-jeans-and-button-down male wardrobe, then I'm all for it! Actually, after giving their most recent collection a second look, I have to admit, the company is doing a good job of slowly pushing actual-men's fashion in a direction I think it should be going.

The location will be at 970 Robson Street. I think the Grand Opening advertised above is invite-only, but the store will likely be open to the general public on Friday, October 12.


Anonymous said...

Steve Aoki is djing this event.

gasp said...

that energie stuff is kind of lame.