50% off day at value village

whether you did or didn't go to a value village today, you are crazy. you're crazy to have missed the sale, but you're also crazy to have braved it.

i spent about forty five minutes amongst the chaos and came out in good shape. i bought a belted safari shirt (with tags on), a nutty-brown pair of ankle boots (italian leather), and a navy & white polka dot short sleeve dress shirt, which cost me $18 total.

how'd you do?


Anonymous said...

great i found the perfect summer shirt and it only cost $3! 50% day off isn't as horrific as many may think :)

Izzy said...

ha,funny,they had a 50% day at village des valeurs on the same day here(in Montreal),I got a deadstock red 60s mod raincoat,vintage yellow knit tank and loads of amazing vintage jewlery.