outside jd's

if i didn't mention, travis works at jd's barbershop in gastown. he's a really good stylist. if you are unhappy with your current stylist, and are thinking of venturing elsewhere, than consider seeing travis. at least you know you won't have long awkward silences in the chair, because you can talk about the commodified with him. and if you are a guy, he can also shave your face.


TRAVIS SAYS: "this guy was so humble and confident. i really enjoyed meeting him. he seems like the kind of guy who has really nice pajamas and manicures his nails, but who could also totally rebuild an engine and hold his own in a battle royale."


travis said...

aww thanks craig, always love a good throw up.
you were right though that girl is a babe

anon. said...

He does look like a super nice guy.
Not crazy about them jeans and all, but he looks nice enough for it not to matter.

Candid Cool said...

Thumbs up for this guy