around downtown

i spent most of yesterday shopping around downtown with my sister and her friend, and at 6pm when we split ways i was proud of my self for conquering my desire to shop, not having bought a thing.

then, randomly on water street, i strangely and simultaneously ran into travis and dani. that's when they and plus a random japanese guy peer pressured me into buying a ridiculous, albeit awesome, pair of pants from dutil (where the girl in pic 2 works).

here's how it went.

travis: oh my god craig. i just tried on the most incredible pair of pants at dutil, but they looked awful on me. you haaaave to try them.
craig: okay. i'll humour you.

minutes later...

dani: craig, you have to buy those, just so i can hang out with you when you're wearing them.
travis: seriously.
craig: oh guys... I don't know...
girl pictured above: okay. those look awesome. and if you don't buy them, this guy here is going to.
super cool japanese guy: nods
craig: okay fine...

i just couldn't let him win. how do you justify your unnecessary purchases?


Anonymous said...

Dude, show us the pants!
How can you lead us on like that?

travis said...

they looked awesome on me.
or would have if they had my size.

Basco5 said...

I very rarely buy clothes so when ever I get something new it more of a "Havent' bought anything new in 5 months, I think it time I do my part and consume"

OC said...

OOOh are they the plaid cheap mondays?!

Please say so Craig.

- Olivia

anon. said...

the first one's nice.

Candid Cool said...

nice one is just plain cool.

wish there were a shot of those pants