the commodified world tour

tomorrow, i'm leaving for south-east asia, and i'm taking the commodified with me! here is my summer itinerary...

05/29 - 06/30 : bangkok and singapore
07/01 - 07/08 : vancouver
07/09 - 08/11 : monteal, and possibly ottawa and quebec city as well

at the end of the summer, travis also has some tentative plans to hit up amsterdam and some other european destinations, which means the commodified is will be expanding it's scope internationally. but vancouverites, don't worry, your style will still be represented as dani and reed hold down the fort here in vancouver.

while i'm away, posts will be just as abundant but updates will come slightly less frequently.



Carly said...

I can't wait for these photos! I imagine it'll be somewhat of a challenge communicating, but I wish you luck! Have a great trip, spend lots!

Anonymous said...

stop in to calgary though preferably not during stampede!

Dani said...

I'll come to calgary in a few weeks

min said...

Welcome to Sunny Singapore!

Linolumixa said...

Aw, that's a shame Malaysia's not on your list.