commercial drive collaborative

commercial drive is about community, and where better for Dani and I to collaborate? but more importantly, commercial drive is about character, and it certainly didn't fall short today.


Anonymous said...

axl gone bad

Anonymous said...

Okay, the first guy is so hot to an extent where I just want to make out with him with open mouths.

anon. said...

first guy... absolutely nothing special... at all.
second chick - meh.
third guy, is ridiculous because he wears the same * thing every *day.
there's a difference between style and gluing a * bandana and sunglasses to your * face.

* = Dear Commodified: sometimes your posts are good and you make me happy, so I edited out the swear words :)

Anonymous said...

i own that orange dress, and i had to redo it because it was blehh

Anonymous said...

third guy DOES wear the same thing every single day.