Flu Moda - Stilul in Vancouver

I also forgot to mention that an online women's magazine in Romania, called Flu has posted some of my images on their website. It's a nice little review of the best of women's fashion in Vancouver. The text is in Romanian, but here is a rough translation:

Yet another city on our style map of the world, and not just any city but a gorgeus cosmopolitan Canadian metropolis. People seem very into fashion in Vancouver, and always seem to have on their best look. Both men and women have a great advantage there: a double heritage of fashion sense and style, which are strong and complement eachother. The Canadian seventh sense in aesthetics is a composite of both European and North American garment history. The photographs speak for themselves!

Take a visit.

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anon. said...

Too bad Romania's fucking pathetic.

It's like receiving compliments from the blind.