discollection: in memoriam

TRAVIS SAYS: "her name is kim and she is the owner of this great little vintage store on hastings called discollection. the pieces are custom or reworked or original vintage. I've been there many times and found so many of my favorite vintage pieces, including craig's birthday present... out of all the places i've shopped, i've never met anyone so helpful and friendly."


it's true. the scarf travis gave me for my birthday is rad. the sad thing is that discollection recently sold off the last of it's merchandise.

"due to a number of problems in the building that discollection is housed in, discollection is forced to close its doors." - discollection.ca.

but don't worry though, they are still operating on-line, to an extent.


kimberley said...

aw... thanks trav..
its true discollection will be selling kdon things very soon. so to all you loyal awsome customers like travis, hold for a few weeks.. then i will let you all shop on-line!! weeeee
ps, thanks for the post.
you should see your picture at http://www.flickr.com/photos/discollection/492223982/

Anonymous said...

Aw, you guys! The commodified's posts are getting so good. Not that it wasn't up to par before but I guess with the weather and all, the city's putting some sort of effort.

arienette said...

I have those boots...good old army & navy.
And I am so distraught that I wasn't able to attend the closing sale.

Julie said...

That's sad! I Liked that place a lot.

lindsay marilyn said...

i really like her outfit. & i'm sad i never went to this store when it was still open.

Julia said...

KIM is an awesome lady.
i always spot someone that i know out on the commodified.
keep up the good work.

anon. said...

totally cute.