where are you now?

after taking his picture, i offered him a card so he could visit the site later, and feel confirmation knowing i'm legitimate. oh! but it wasn't necessary... instead of taking the card, he said "it's okay. i know it already!" and i said "the commodified?" and he agreed. i kinda felt a bit famous, for a moment there, but then he told me that i had already taken his picture once before... i, however, could not remember him for the life of me. i like to pride myself on having made a connection with everyone i photograph, but seriously, when he told me i took his picture in metrotown, i was plagued all day as to who he was.

after searching my archives thoroughly, i finally found him way way way back in august 2006, the birth month of my blog. the first picture is superimposed above, but here is the original post. needless to say, he's undergone a major transformation.

seriously, this guy is my style hero. note the boots.

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sian said...

he rules.