ctv.ca - same story, different picture

woah. check me out.


Anonymous said...

you've been discovered! I love u

Megan said...

Craig congrats on being featured! That pic is amazing.

mono said...

Sweet action!
Congrats on all the press.

David-Alexandre said...

Hey Craig!
Congrats on the article!
They shot pictures of us too while we were taking pictures of this other girl. Poor her, she had to pose for ever.
Let us know when you come to montreal!
David-Alexandre from MTL STREET

Izzy said...

Yeah! congrats!

I look foward to meeting a fellow streethuter this summer.

Have fun in Asia and Europe you lucky guy!

-Izzy from MTL STREET"


anon. said...


You know I don't often agree with what you consider to be "good style", and that I'm unfortunately less ecstatic about the way Vancouverites dress than you are, but hats off anyway.